Staging With Intention Amplifies Your Home’s Appeal

  • What if you were able to attract the IDEAL buyer for your home?
  • What if you can make your home a MAGNET for potential buyers?
  • What if you can get the asking price that you WANT for your home?
  • What if you can quickly sell your current home and move into your DREAM home?

YOU CAN! You can sell your home in ANY market by Staging with Intention! It may not seem possible right now, but it is! Even if you feel frustrated that your home has been on the market for too long and hopeless that it isn’t selling or even if you have no interested prospects. Or if you may have already found your dream house but worried since yours hasn’t sold yet.

It’s all about to change now! Discover how to sell your home faster using the secrets of Staging with Intention.

Staging With Intention entices the IDEAL buyer for your home. The difference between just home staging and staging your home stylishly with intention, is that you use the décor mindfully and on-purpose. Each essential item, color, unique element and finishing touch is put in place to create a RESULT and also to add an inspirational feeling to stir the soul.

Your IDEAL buyer falls in love with your home and imagines living in it! They feel such a heart-filled connection and they are ready to make an offer.

Wouldn’t it be great if they wereswept off their feet’ by your place and decide it’s the ONE?

Staging with Intention has captivated them.

And therefore, a home SOLD! 

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What You Will Learn With This eBook

  • Have a Buyer Fall in Love With Your Home

    The trick to home staging is to have someone instantly fall in love with your home. Stage your home to create a ‘no place like home’ feeling and at the same time stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to create an ambiance where potential buyers look at your home, fall in love and picture themselves buying it and living in it!

  • Simple and Savvy Room by Room Staging Ideas

    Take the headache out of guessing what a buyer is looking for. You’ll discover stylish yet affordable room by room design and décor props for every season that you can put into effect ASAP to highlight your home’s best features and get it staged to sell NOW.

  • Clutter Be Gone!

    Sweeping it under the rug? Get rid of your clutter once and for all! Discover simple ‘baby step’ ways to organize and declutter your space that you can implement ASAP. You'll instantly create a welcoming feel with these powerful techniques.

  • Captivate Interest with a Snap

    Learn the truth about first impressions. Most buyers find your home Online. They may never see your home in person if the pictures don't grab their attention first. Uncover what is a TURNOFF and what ATTRACTS potential buyers to view your home for an Open House showing.

  • Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Home Buyer

    Master the ‘inner game’ of home staging! You’ll get a glimpse of how to stage your home from the inside out and discover POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE techniques to connect and attract your IDEAL home buyer.

  • Revealed: Home Staging ‘Secret Sauce’

    There’s a secret formula in home staging and with this eBook- you’ll find out! You’ll uncover key furniture and décor placement that empowers your home’s appeal. By Staging With Intention - based on Feng Shui principles, you’ll discover the magic ingredients to energize your home and make it the ‘head turner’ on the block!

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Barbara is talented, bright and very creative. She is courteous, respectful and professional. A true gem!
Julie R.
New York, NY
Thanks for your advice and tips for reorganizing my personal space. Thanks to you I can say that I'm finally clutter free both physically and mentally.
Elizabeth S.
Lyndhurst, New Jersey
I was drawn to Barbara's loving, caring and patient personality. I am happy to be part of her journey and see her talents shared with whomever is lucky enough to be in her path of illumination.
V. B.
Bronx, New York

Listen to an Audio Sample From the eBook:

Listen below to get a sneak peek of the eBook.

I Realized the Need For Staging With Intention

After many disappointing situations, I discovered information that changed my life dramatically. I found that putting intention into my own space and focusing on certain areas in my home changed my personal life. This is how Styling with Intention was born.

I noticed that the homes that were staged with intention sold quickly. Meanwhile the less presentable homes sat on the market for months!

It’s time to make a positive change! I don’t want you to make the mistakes that I have seen time and time again. I’ve discovered various proven methods that worked for me and many others that I have shared them with. That’s why I feel it’s my mission to share all these secrets with you.
My goal is to show you that staging your home with intention works!

That’s why I have created my eBook...

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Stage Your Home with Intention to Magnetically Attract Buyers

...They'll Fall in love and you may think twice about selling it!

In my eBook, I’ll walk you through step-by-step and reveal powerful secrets to Stage your Home With Intention that you can immediately put into action.

Just implementing a few steps from my eBook, you’ll suddenly notice a huge shift. Your home will attract MORE attention through it's 'home appeal.'

You will discover:
  • The 2 essential steps you MUST do before Staging Your Home With Intention.
  • The secret to making an unforgettable ‘Must See’ first impression.
  • How to create arousing curb appeal that stops traffic!
  • Furniture tricks that spark prospects curiosity.
  • Colors that stimulate potential buyers.
  • What ‘home decorating sin’ turns off buyers?
  • Eye-popping tips for staging your home in ANY season.
  • Cheap and chic ‘room by room’ staging ideas.
  • powerful exercise that gets the asking price for your home.
  • An ultra effective method to attract your IDEAL buyer!
  • Unique little known ways to energize your space.
  • The true secrets for Staging With Intention.
  • My personal favorite! A powerful ‘no-fail technique’ that sells a home almost every time.

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How Do I Know if this eBook is Right for Me?

  • Are you committed to making your home sell now?
  • Are you focused, enthusiastic and open-minded?
  • Are you willing to invest in your current home to sell quicker and for more?
If you answered YES to these questions then this book is for you! Its chock full of powerful step-by-step tips to implement ASAP!

This is a very exciting process. If you take the style actions steps suggested in this eBook, you will achieve astounding results!

This book is NOT for you if you are critical, skeptical and procrastinate. Also, if you don’t implement recommendations or do not take action on the changes needed, it may not work for you.

Remember, those that take chances and do what it takes, get results. Keep that in mind!

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A word from the Author

AuthorBarbara Culkin of Barbara Culkin Designs is a Home and Image Styling expert who helps you style yourself and your space to success. Barbara creates a personalized system for you by focusing on organizing, styling your wardrobe and home décor and shifting your mindset for success.
With her extensive background in Home Décor and Art/Design and over 15 years experience in the Fashion industry, Barbara helps you re-create your space, your image and wardrobe to reflect you, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve in your life. By combining her creativity and artistic flair, she helps you create a space that is emotionally & aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
Barbara is a graduate from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Art and Design. She is also a mom entrepreneur, certified Feng Shui consultant, home stager, speaker, published Author, freelance writer and award- winning Artist.

Barbara is happy to share that she is the creator and host of Style Soul Podcast.
Barbara loves Starbucks coffee, chocolate, red wine, yoga, the beach, laughing and spending time with her family, shopping for great deals and decorating her home with fabulous finds!
She lives in New Jersey with her children and husband.
To contact Barbara with any style questions or to discuss Home & Image styling options visit

To Your Staging Success,

P.S. Stage your Home with Love

When it comes to staging your home, the main ingredient is love.  Remember the wonderful memories you had in your home and look forward to the new ones ahead.

I hope you enjoyed Stage Your Home With Intention to Magnetically Attract Buyers. You can contact me on twitter @BarbaraCulkin or on Facebook or email me at [email protected].

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